About Groveland

Groveland, California is the main stop on Highway 120 to Yosemite National Park. The town grew quickly in the early 1900s with the development of the Tuolumne River Hetch-Hetchy water project for the city of San Francisco. Groveland is adjacent to the Stanislaus National Forest and is well-known for the historic Iron Door Saloon in downtown Groveland, as well as the gated community of Pine Mountain Lake.


From 1915 through 1935, Groveland was a boomtown supporting seven hotels, 10,000 residents and much activity.


When the work crews left, the town again became a stop on the way to Yosemite until Boise Cascade company built Pine Mountain Lake (PML). Pine Mountain Lake has a first-class golf course, a county airport, and lake surrounded by approximately 5000 lots. This development has grown so much, it is reminiscent of a smaller version of Lake Tahoe resort, making Groveland a world-class travel and vacation destination for Tuolumne County, California.