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Iron Door Saloon

Updated: May 7, 2018

Summertime at Iron Door Saloon Brings Live Music

This popular tourist stop is located in Historic Downtown Groveland, on Highway 120, the main road between The Bay Area and Yosemite. The name "Iron Door" comes from the saloon's front doors, which are made of iron. The interior has the typical decor of an old saloon, with the original bar intact. The roof is adorned with dollar bills and other historical artifacts.

The bison burger is a local favorite at the Iron Door Saloon. It contains less fat and is as delicious as beef burgers.

You can enjoy not only food, but a game or two of billiards, some drinks, a party, as well as live music. Karaoke is also a favorite at least one night a week at The Door.

History of the Iron Door

The Historic Iron Door Saloon is the oldest continuously operating saloon in the state of California. It is conveniently located 26 miles from the northern gate of Yosemite National Park.

When you walk through the iron doors of the Iron Door Saloon, you can feel the more than 150 years worth of gold-mining history coming from within the rock and mortar walls.

It was built in Groveland, California sometime before 1852 where it was known as the Granite Store, and the establishment officially became a saloon in 1896 when it was purchased by Giacomo DeFarrari and was named Jake's Place. It was purchased in the 80s by Peter Barsotti and is currently co-owned by Chris and Corinne Loh (daughter of Barsotti who passed away in 2012). #irondoorsaloon #hotel #groveland #california #music #TuolumneCounty #food

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