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Shopping at Ranch Revived Decor

Located conveniently in Historic Downtown Groveland.

Do you dream about the beauty of the majestic mountains, living in the forest, the vast plains and plain old ranch living? Then it's time you brought a bit of rustic ranch into your life.

At Ranch Revived Decor, you can revamp everything from your wardrobe to your home décor with elements from the Western and modern rustic worlds. Our inspired pieces include clothing, artwork, furniture and more, making it easy to create that friendly, inviting atmosphere typified by the Old West and rustic farmhouses.

Something for everyone in our beautifully appointed showroom, with cowhides, rustic beds, clothing, equestrian artwork, and more.

Rustic, ranch, and rural designs

Refurbished furniture

Custom lighting fixtures

Premium cowhides

Leather goods


Natural soaps

Beeswax candles

Locally handcrafted fine sterling & turqoise jewelry,

Greeting cards

Design Consultation.

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